Thursday, May 17, 2012

What was I thinking?

Well, I know what I was thinking.  "I better knit this yarn up before my puppy kills it."
I have a TON of yarn.  I have my favorites displayed according to color in hanging baskets in the living room - the extent of my decorating know-how :")
And with all the yarn i have in those baskets, my puppy for some reason likes my turquoise Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran :/
She has attacked skein after skein of this. I will rewind the tangled mess of a skein and put it out of her reach. And she will get one of the brother skeins.  Today, I found another one - this time the damage was almost permanant. There are a few gnawed spots on top of it being a bigger tangle than usual.  Le sigh.
Bad Happy! >:-l
Well, I will say one thing for her : she has good taste.  And unlike her mother, who went through a similar stage as a puppy, at least she didnt go for the lace weight 8^O.  Easy chose a set of three woad dyed laceweight yarns from Renaissance Dying and attacked them one after the other.
Wierd that they seem to be attracted to the same colors lol.
SO!  My idea was CO a sweater.  Guess what. I'm not going to swatch. I know...I'm such a rebel.  Figured I'll knit a bit and if the gauge is crazy, I'll rip.  Which means (if I'm dilligent with my blogging, hahahaha) that you'll see a post here in a few days talking about how big of a ninkampoop I am to have not swatched ; /
So I messed on ravelry, searched my queue and my library and came up with 2 sweaters I had queued for aran weight sweaters.  One of the two, i deleted from my queue as i realized the beautiful smocking going on over the shoulders of the cardigan would make me look like a line-backer.
The other was Zephyr, by Lachesis77.  What a beautiful, simple, understated cardi. 
BUT... uh.  Wow.  The sweater has a contiguous method construction.  What is this animal?  Craziness!  Apparently it's SusieM's adaptation of Barbara Walker's simultaneous set-in sleeve method.  I'm a pretty fearless knitter, so hey!  that's ok, I'll try something new.  But just reading the first page of the pattern, I'm like...what???!!!
And not like I can just jump in because my size 8 US needles are in the bedroom where my sick husband is trying to recuperate from a near sleepless night. 
Well, come in a few days to hear how I'm managing roflol.

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