Thursday, February 23, 2012

WW take bazillion day 5

Not really sure what's bugging me. Cant seem to concentrate at work (well not really new there, but it's worse today). Feel a little submerged, a little wierd, a little deflated and hopeless.

Starting lent today and plan on giving up diet coke and zero coke; This is gonig to be sooooo hard as those are little treats i give myself when i need a pick me up - icy cold out of the freezer with lots of ice, my spinning wheel or some knitting and i feel like "aaaaaaahhhhhhh". when i'm tired, need a sweet fix, need to quench thirst, nothing hits it like a zero coke.

So, when the urge comes i'm going to take the opportunity to have a glass of cold water or hot or cold tea and spend a few minutes praying, praising, meditating. But right now i feel about this plan is scared and defeated and uncapable of holding true.

I also plan on adding in love for lent - i'm going to do take bazillion of the love dare, really delve into the five languages of love, and again prayer prayer prayer.

in fact, after this negative post, i think a little prayer is in call right now. i'd appreciate your prayers.

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