Friday, February 24, 2012

Success stories

I've never read the WW success stories. For lots of reasons - dont have the time to read about someone i dont know, dont want to hear about others' successes when i'm failing and flailing, and also it just seems so impossible and irrelevant to me, unacheivable.

Well, i decided to read some stories. today i read Gail's story. she said "As time went by, I realized that the most difficult part of losing weight is relearning eating habits. I ate to be social. I ate for comfort. I ate because I was nervous or bored. I ate just because the food was there. I learned to step back and say, "OK, I won't eat for those reasons, but I will eat for the one reason I should: when I'm hungry!""

Well, that's definitely true for me! I eat all the time - happy, sad, upset, mad. bored, entertained, busy, too much time on my hands. Anything leads me to eating. i feel a release as i put the food in my outh, anappeasing of too strong emotions. i feel it, like a wave of release washing over me. and i also feel the tide rising higher and higher ready to tsunami blast everyone around me away when i dont let the food peace wash over me. Even if im in a very happy place, it will end badly if i dont reign in that emotion somehow.

I need to learn to redirect the waters, have some other kind of release valve that will let the waters evacuate safely and without the negative consequences (guilt and disappointment and negative feelings about my self which lead to...more eating).

Again i'm using lent as a moment to reflect upon these things and i will be trying to learn to pray or praise through theses moments instead of eating through them. A lovely friend from ravelry, Barbara, and my best most wonderful friend and supporter in the world (you know that's my big sistah) both sent me very special lovely messages that have lifted me up inside and encouraged me in a veryspecial way both in my effortson weight loss and in my lent endeavors.

Thank you!!!!

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