Saturday, February 18, 2012

quote from the fly lady

The born organized folks often looked at us in dismay because we could not do things the way they expected. Our inability to process Born Organized instructions does not make us stupid. Would we be ostracized if we spoke a different language?

We are creative people who just want to have fun. Our spontaneity can be an asset but it can also interfere... When we miss an appointment or an important event because we got sidetracked again; we feel guilty. This guilt becomes the roadblock to loving ourselves.

How many times have i missed an appointment? remember the pediatric nursing entrance exam i missed by a whole week?
I can never keep track of my bank account. I can not figure out how to organize and plan a wekly menu. i cant keep track of kids activity times ever! have to look on the info sheet from the beginning of the year every single time to remmeber what times their activities are.
I call myself laughingly (though feeling hurt inside the whole time) an airhead.
A loved one used to call me an educated idiot.
My husband is continually upset with me because i cant keep things straight.
Roadblack to accepting and loving myself? Hell, yeh! Feel guilty? Yes!!! a hundred times yes! inadequate too to be honest. inferior to other women who can keep track of everything and still look good (why do my clothes always look "débraillé"? i could iron my clothes right before iwalk out the door and id still look disshevelled :/)
Well. i guess imust just be creative. so there!

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Liana said...

Rebecca, you just have to remember that we can't all be good at all things. Life would be boring if everyone were exactly the same. So, concentrate on something that you're good at and then just work on fixing other people's expectations of you. That is normally a constant battle. As for missed appointments.....I suggest that you keep a calendar (electronic is best) Google calendar will send you emails with your calendar reminders and you can tell it when you want it to send a reminder. It works perfectly. Try it, you might find it helpful. :-) Maybe at least get "someone" off your back.