Monday, February 20, 2012

A new start

I've fallen off the wagon more times than i'd care to admit : P
Why is it so difficult?
Things will be going along just fien and for some reason, usually totally unknown, i start pigging out uncontrollably again.

It's not Jan 1, but i'm really in this renewing mind set these days.

My monthly adventure friends from ravelry are always a huge source of inspiration to me. A couple of friends, patricia and tasha, were talking about the fly lady, who i'd never heard of. I checked out the FL site, and i'm loving it! My house is staying cleaner, i'm decluttering (how serendipitous, i had jsut started decluttering and organizing my fiber stash the weeks before lol).
I feel a little more in control, and i'm learning to be more gentle and kind with my inner dialogue (FLY = finally love yourself), to let go of my all or nothing attitudes. This of course is much more far-reaching than a clean house.

A good friend of mine from the next town over mentioned a book that is having a lare impact on her. It's the 5 languages of love. I purchased the audio version and i listened to it while on a walk and just started balling, as all these realizations hit me. I'm so motivated to learn my love language, my husband's love language and the love languages of my children , so that i can communicate in a way that will let them fully understand the love behind my words, actions...
And also make sure i'm not communicating hurt unintentionally.
I cannot reccommend this book enough!

And weight loss - after being waylayed badly, my MA friends also got together and started a thread about losing weight and supporting one another. And there you go! Alittle fuel for me :D
I'm very sensitive to other people's comments (speaking of love languages, i am almost 100% sure that my love language is positive affirmation). One negativecomment can crush me for a whole week. And positive comments, well they do make me feel good but i think ive had so much my share of negative comments that they're not even making a dent into my hurt.
And all of my online WW friends kind of dwindled off so i was getting no positive reinforcement andencouragement that are so vital and meaningful to me.

So i'm very glad i will have my ravelry friends to go to for that encouragement :D

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