Thursday, January 19, 2012

N is for

Never not nitting

'nuff said? hehehe
no, really. i am compulsive about having something in my hands now. i love to knit and i'm about the most impatient person in the world. So knitting (while waiting in line at store, while waiting at doctor'soffice or while kids are at sport things or whatever... while watching tv...) is imperative. i love the feel and colors of the different yarns i use. i love the creative process pre-project where you're pouringthrough your stash, your library, ravelry data base, your ravelry Queue..., the beginning of the project when you're learning your yarn, the end product - seeing a pretty something you made all by yourself, gifting it or wearing it yourself...

i love it all...except thepart in the middle where i'm...yep, you guessed it, impatient!
impatient for it to be done and for me to get to start all over again withthe million patterns and yarns clamering for my attention. Which brings mein part to my next N


So why do i do this to myself?

I already feel overtaxed by a yarn stash that has reached epic proportions (fondly known as SABLE =stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) and overstimulated by soooo many things i want to knit that several things happen :

1 i feel guilty

2. i feel overwhelmed to the point of inability to move forward

3. i end up with a dozen ufo's (unfinished objects) that junk up my house and my mind and add to my frustration and inability to move forward andit turns into a big viscious cycle; and besides that that gorgeous yarn is just sitting there in a half finished state being unloved and unused.

4. i feel inadequate

5. i feel bereaved that i will never be able to use up all that gorgeous yarn before i die which has me all depressed about how old i am already

6. i fear moths
Now, let me just point out that this type of behavior is NOT limited to my knitting life but also holds over into my eating habits and my spending habits in general... :P

And yes i DO KNOW BETTER but again... i'm a ninkampoop

and i fall right into that viscious, down sucking spiral every time!

New beginnings

huh! after writing this post, i'm too depressed to think about this part...i'll be back ;)

Feel it all the time and esp rightnow for some stupid reason. i love and miss my family soooo soooo much it is tearing me apart :(


So N... lots of things start with n but they all seem to suck right about now lol ;P


Susie said...

Your #3 really struck a chord with me - I try to limit the number of projects I have going on for the same reasons you described. Too many makes me "twitchy", and knitting is supposed to be my source of relaxation not anxiety!

Of course, every first of the year I get the urge to cast on everything in sight, forgetting myself. I did just this last weekend, casting on two new projects, and already I'm starting to feel overwhelmed

So I'd classify myself as a ninkampoop too. Glad to be in such good company! :)

Isabelle said...

(((hugs))) for your nostalgia.
A solution for our stash overdrive tendencies could be to have yarn "markets" like they do at Purlescence (as mentioned by the Knitmores). It would be a great cure for yarn that we were really enthusiastic about, yet eventually never got around to using.

Have a good weekend! Hugs!

Tiddy and Charlie. said...

You are NOT a nincompoop! If you are, then so are most of your fellow Ravellers. It is quite understandable to be tempted by all the lovely yarns available. And who wouldnt be tempted to get started on more than one of them. Enjoy your stash, enjoy your knitting and remember, no matter how old you are, you'll never catch up with me :o) c x

PS, yes, I get bored with the middle bit too,lol