Monday, October 10, 2011

Weight Watchers take bazillion

I'm at it again.
Just cant seem to get past week 2.  Week one goes ok and then bammo...
week 2 ends in a food orgie and self-loathing
So I've decided to gift myself every week i meet my challenges.
Week one's challenge was to stick with the program.  Take before pictures.  track daily.
And i just made an appointment for my self-gift :D
Wednesday morning I will get my eyebrows done and a facial :D
woot woot!!!!!
For next week I think my gift might be a pedicure...?
We'll see
Got to get there first!


Liana said...

Hang in there girl. You can do it and yes, rewards are a great incentive.

mpcoco said...

It's an excellent idea, you need to congratulate yourself, take care of your body it's cool. Maybe a massage for a next week, or a new accessory for your wardrobe.