Monday, October 3, 2011

Episode 9

This episode's segments include :
WIP it good
Still working on Benoit's sweater.  Oh my goodness!  I think I will have knit this guy 3 times by the time it's done!  I obviously can't read.
Last time i mentioned a project I was working on but hadn't planned on doing and then forgot to talk about it!  doh!  It's the mystery crescent shawl by Susanna IC. aka zuzusus
Here's a link for a tutorial by Laura Nelkin explaining how to bead in knitting with dental floss.  I use a bead knotted at the bottom to keep my beads on the floss instead of the knot, which often will not be large enough to keep beads from sliding off.
I'm making it out of Road to China light 8^O!!!!!!!!!
And I'm still chugging along on Taygete that I also forgot to mention. 
Off my needles
I finished Alex' asymmetrical cables socks.
I love me a good cookie ; )
You spin me right round
Still working on my polwarth from the Counting Sheep Farm on Etsy.  I share with you what I've found out about this fiber and why it reminded me of merino yet seemed easier to spin. 
A l'étude
This is a new segment where i can share things I've learned, am learning with you. Don't hesitate to send in any questions.  In today's "à l'étude", I talk about short rows.  Thank you for your question Bowerbird and good luck on those soakers!
In the spotlight
I mentioned Kerrie James' pictorial tutorial on caring for your wheel last time.  Today I mention her again - there's a lot of exciting things going on over on her blog!  A Channel Island Cast-on tutorial to accompany her quasi-mystery tam
A new podcast by Christina (tini)from germany (in english)
And another podcast non-knitting related that's been around for a while - Word on Fire on Itunes, by Father Robert Barron, a Catholic Evangelist.
On my Ipod
The Widowers Tale by Julia Glass

Thank you for stopping by!  Come back next time for a sewing book review.

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