Thursday, October 13, 2011

Facial phenomena

I love me a little alliteration ;)
So! I got my eyebrows and my facial done yesterday.
It was really nice as the facial included a 10 min back massage before getting started to help relax you andput you in the rightframe of mind.  And then while the mask was doing its thing, they offer you a little foot massage.
The back massage was absolutely heavenly.
The foot massage not so much - too rushed.  Kind of like just putting lotion on and there you go, you know...
The facial itself was ok.  Nice products.  Did a great job of hydrating my skin and giving me a nice radiant natural glow.  But the massage sucked a little there too.  the lady kept pinching my nostrils together on the down strokes (i cnat breath ;P ) and pig-nosing my nose on the upward strokes (uh...that was my nose)
i mean, my nose isnt that big...i know she has to deal with facial topography on a daily basis so what gives lol!
anyhow, it was still lovely to lay back andget pampered. and good Lord my eyebrows look so much better.  and you know, having a nice frame for your eyes really changes your "look" in general.
I feel so much better, feel better baout how i look, and my skin feels healthier so i reckon i can only say that this was a success.
And i have had about every woman i walk past here at work tell me how nice i look today even though i'm in my nursing uniform today  : D
Yeah for sticking to my goals and double yeah for my reward ;)
I've decided on my week 2 award if i make it through and i'm pretty darn sure i will because it's thursday and my weigh-in is on sunday so i have 2.5 more daysto stick to my guns on this week's points :D
Soooooooo.... if i make it i'm giong to get myself a pair of signature needles - i've been wanting to try themfor ages but they are super expensive so i never have!
i'll let you guys know how lovely they are ; )


Tini said...

awesome! For week 3 I might suggest a complete back massage?

I should diet a bit too before going on the cruise ;)

Rebecca said...

ha! i've read that cruises =>1.5 pounds per day weight gain on average :P
i'd say enjoy yourself and try your hand at getting back into shape when you get back.
so is everything settled for your cruise? that is so cool to have won that!
btw b/f attempting any weight loss are you still nursing?

Tini said...

We are going without the kids (I'll talk about that next week), so it's just Heiko and me.

I couldn't nurse, due to the breast cancer I just had 200ml per day with pumping every 2 hrs and then the kids got upset stomachs from feeding my milk and formula, so I stopped and bottle fed :) I was 4kg under my pre-pregnancy weight but with the kids snacking has become a habit (or eating something that I can make myself very fast like uhm gummi bears ;) since I can't have chocolate ;) )

Rebecca said...

ohduh! sorry . i hope i didnt dredge up hurt and scariness.
well, it should be nice to be just with hubby!
snacking is rough to handle... :p seeing the kids having thri snack... ho-hum
and then youcant throw food away so seeing leftovers on their plates...
oh the sacrifices!
why can you not eat chocolate? of course, that's probably a good thing ;)

Isabelle said...

Way to treat yourself! You'll have to let us know on the podcast how you like the Signature needles. :D

Kendra said...