Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back on track

Ugh! i've been NOT doing my weight watchers as i should for about 5 weeks, culminated by a week in london pigging out bad (7 donuts in 3.5 days???!!!)
and 11 days no exercise.

SCRAAAATCH...let's start over! lol!
i'm still 1.6 pounds lighter than wheni first started on april 3. so, let's just pretend that i hadnt at one point been at - 7.6 pounds. i can get there again if i jsut set my mind to it and power through, right?

today i got out there and jogged though i did go back to week 5 day 1 instead of doing week 6 day 2 as i "should" have. i was a little worried the extra weight and lack of practice kick my butt. i did it just fine and am feeling quite proud of myself. i even made it up two mega-hills :D.

So here's to take.... 1000? ohwell, who's counting ;)


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Dont panic. Once you get back on track, you'll lose the weight again in just a few weeks. Well done on the jogging. It would be so easy to give it a miss, but you have shown a lot of determination to get back at it. I am impressed!

Rebecca said...

thank you for your encouragement :D

caracolina said...

Just keep going, you are awesome for not giving up!! I've just started with C2K a couple weeks ago except I pretend I'm skipping rope instead of jogging because I don't like the treadmill and running in 100+ degrees isn't for me. I have to pretend I'm holding a rope because I'm not coordinated enough to do skip without entangling my feet. But who cares, right?

Rebecca said...

lol! sounds like me with the coordination thing! but i admire your ingenuity - finding what works for you = awesome!!!
good on you!