Tuesday, July 5, 2011

H is for

Harry Potter!
I LOVE Harry Potter - the books, the movies, the magical universe, the way the first book in the series is so light and innocent and they evolve in such a compelling manner, so the last of the septology is a far cry from the magical merriment of the beginnings.
I love thecharacter development. I love the ambiguity. I love the fun. i lvoe the good and evil dichotomy played out so blatantly here but with blurred lines around some of thecharacters (Professor Snape for example - i think he is one of my favorite characters) I love that LOVE is a central, unifying liet-motif that has the ultimate power in these books to metamorphosize.

The 2nd part of the 7th book is about to come out at the movies! YEAH! Just hate i'll have to see it in french for the first time. oh well....

And i just joined hogwarts at ravelry :D i got sorted into gryffindor :D
there are a lot of fun nice women inthe group. and i'm the owlry caretaker lol!
bad thing is there's so much going on over there and i of course feel i have to participate in everything... balance! must remember balance!

H is also for HUGS that i send to every one of you :D

thank you to my american family for taking care of RĂ©mi and loving on him :D


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

I hope you still manage to enjoy the film, even if it is in French :o) I've never read or seen HP...never seem to get round to starting the books. I imagine I'm in a bit of a minority!

Rebecca said...

oh do read the books! they are a treat. you can get them on audio.
hoping to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!