Wednesday, June 22, 2011

C2 5k

Still trugging along. I imagined myself as a friend of mine (priveknits, Hedge) said she did as a "real jogger" lol and it actually worked - i felt like i was a great jogger for the first minute of each new jog section, then i fell into poor form, huffing and puffing. But for one minute, i felt like i looked good and i think i did ;)
I did it and that rocks!


A Natural Alternative said...

Love it!!!! I can't imagine myself running 20 min... The next week or me is a 3min interval and I can't imagine myself doing that!!

You r my hero!! Keep going!!

Rebecca said...

i know! i couldnt imagine doing 3 minutes either
but the program really works well. if you power through a week, you are able to power through the next one. it's feels so good to accomplish each step!
i'm glad we're encouraging each other along. you'll do great on your next session!

Kendra said...

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