Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonderful Wednesdays

This is the first week on my new schedule. I'm working 7 to 4 now instead of 8 to 4:30 so i get 30 minutes more to my day to go walk the dog or do yoga or help kids with homework or what have you; And on top of that i now get Wednesdays off!!!!!
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how relieved i am!
Going in on Monday, i felt so much better knowing i only had 2 days to work before a little break! And today, i got so much accomplished. I cleaned a little, did laundry, did yoga and walked the dog, made a REALLY good soup (simmered for 4 hours, packed with veggies!), was able to take the kids to their wednesday activities (track for alex and guitar for remi), spun a little, knit a little....GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So speaking of knitting, I have decided to make 1 chemo cap per month, to finish my afghan started jan 2009 (hehehe), to make 1 pair of socks per month, and to knit w few sweaters and several shawls in 2011.
I have already finished february's chemo cap and picked up a sock i had started a while back (ready for heel turn on it) and started the afghan block so i'm doing pretty good for february! I ordered some yarn to make a hat for tyler that i promised him i would do but had no yarn for so i hope the colors will be good when it gets here. I also had to get a skein of black for remi's hat.
it seems like i have a gazillion things on the needles and waiting impatiently to get started - i feel a little overwhelmed :P
I'll get pics up when i get my camara charger i just ordered - have no battery left at all so cant take any pics :P

I'm missing you Kendra, wondering what's going on with you, how you're doing, how you're hanging in there?

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