Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What a day!!!!!!!!!
I finally got up the nerve to talk to my boss about cutting back my hours and he's ok with it and pretty much is giving me free reign to make up my schedule :D
I'm going to go for 8 to 4:30 every monday tuesday and thursday and one friday out of two (schools out in france on wednesdays)

I am so excited and relieved and hopeful!

And on the way home, i saw a gorgeous rainbow to my left - i love rainbows and i always think they're a little treat from God to me personally - i'm a dork that way. But this one!!! well, one? no these 4!!!! were incredible!!!!
first i saw the one, well defined thento my left i noticed it other end curbig down a little hazy. i was enjoying it as much as i could while driving on the interstate lol! and thanking god for the beauty of His world when bammo! there was a shadowy rainbow over the right sided one. i was amazed - 1st time i'd ever seen 3 rainbow quarter-arcs at the same time. i've seen two several times (either doubled on the same side or the two quarter arcs missing the middle) but never 3.
While still looking in between glancing at the road, the lower arc completed itself so i had a full arc and a quarter and then the other side doubled so one full and a quarter arc ove rit on either side and that one slowly growing to meet in its center! incredible and on the right side the colors were very well defined and bright while on the left hazy and beautiful.
and it looked like i was driving into it.
and best of all it was still there when i picked alew up so she got to see it too :D


slippingthroughmyfingers said...

would you like God to come done and flick you on the head now....or is that sufficient! He's letting you know...He's watching and taking care of you.

Rebecca said...

you're making me tear up and smudge my makeup before i even get to work :P
i love you and miss you

Anonymous said...

what more do you need, He just gave you the blessing of a new, better new year!. i'm like di, has He gotta flick you on the head??? hopefully it's gonna be a better one for all concerned. love you, mama

ChelleC said...

That is so amazing. I'm thrilled for you. And God is indeed giving you a special sign of his unending love for you. Rebecca, this is just what you need. So happy for you, dear.

Isabelle said...

How fabulous about your work! You must feel so relieved.

4 rainbows! That sounds amazing, and so beautiful.