Monday, January 10, 2011


My little girl is such a blessing - i forget that so often because she can be a smart-alec a lot of the time lol and has some head-strong tendencies (is that an understatement? ;) )
So i just want to spend a few minutes talking about how sweet and special she is.
Last week she made a special dinner for her brother. She wrote out a menu for him to select from. We had tons of left-overs so he got to circle what he wanted but she made sure he circled at least one vegetable for the hors-d'oeuvres and one for the entrée. What a respnsible little chef ;).
Then she fixed his plates up very special, putting the entrée in the fridge until he was almost done with the hors d'oevres and heating it up in the microwave at the last minute so the temperature would be perfect. Such attention to detail. She waited on him hand and foot! She had even sacrificed the last piece of galette des rois to fix up his desert plate.
What a sweetie.
She is a very caring, responsible, affectionate child with an incredible sense of observation and a keen eye for detail.
I hope i can remember to praise her for these things and help her to develop these qualities instead of hounding on her for her stubborness and defiant streak.

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