Thursday, January 6, 2011

Motivating the troops

Who'd have thought?
Every time i ask the kids to do something (ie homework, a piddly something around the hosue, what have you) it's this huge big ordeal. horrible pouting, whining, fussing, Remi does the full blown drama about to be put on the cross thing!
Today I was having none of it ( i usually yell, they fight back, we all end up angry and frustrated - and this is a daily occurence for crying out loud! i just cant understand that they wont just say "oh ok, i'll go do my homework instead of waitnig ti li ask ten times and then til i finally get angry....grrrrr!!!!)
Anyhow, i said told them they had to do it whether they wanted to or not, i suggested a plan of attack, accompannied them to their rooms and ... they are doing it.
well, that was easy...not! lol!
maybe tomorrow we can be as successful? i feel like it's a little victory. finally after 12 years! geez!

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