Sunday, October 31, 2010

On an up

I always post when i'm down - it's kind of therapeutic to get it off my chest and your comments make me feel loved and supported and often help me see things in a different light.
But i dont often post good things..maybe because they're few and far between or maybe because i'm so down i can't see the good things.
Anyhow, i've had a great week off work (i'm sure that helps btw ;) )
Things are going a little better with DH and with the kids.
i've had time to relax and do nothing, hang out with the kids, knit, clean, shop, do yoga, get out for walks.
One walk was very special - i went for a walk with Diane, a lady from England who lives very clsoe to me. She and her husband host a church service in their house every other week. I went a few times but i've been struggling with faith so much that i didnt get much out of it and on top of that my stupid work load just made me decide to stop going. i rarely see Diane.
But i felt the need to chat with her and i know she likes to walk so i asked christophe if he wanted to walk to neffies (the next village over, where she lives - it's about a 1.5 hour walk there and back). So we did that thursday and i asked if she wanted to walk friday. we had a nice long walk and a nice long talk. she's a strong woman with a lot of life experience and a passion for Christ.
After our walk she invited me in for tea and then she prayed out loud for me. very specific prayers. It really meant a lot to me.
During this week i also go t to talk to bff kendra :D
hope you're feeling ok :D
well i guess that's about it for my week off... back to work tuesday :P

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caracolina said...

It is nice to see that you have some up moments between the trials and tribulations. My positive thoughts are with you on your quest for peace within and without.