Monday, November 1, 2010

More uppetiness

Just a quickie before i head back to work tomorrow.
First some cute pics from halloween:

And here's Easy, forever following me around like a little puppy (now i get where that expression comes from):

And finally, a little more good news - we have bought our plane tickets. We will be home dec 16 to dec 30. sing it with me I'll be home for Christmas but not only in my dreams ;D


Kendra said...

YEAH! I am putting it on my calander now! Who all is coming? And are you going to set some time aside for me? ;)

Rebecca said...
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Anonymous said...

hot damn!!! got it already posted on the fridge calendar. i can't wait!!!! was so afraid this wouldn't happen this year. is christophe going to get to come or will he be bah, humbugging at home? love you, mama

Rebecca said...

me + kids only.
of course i'm setting time apart for you kendra ;P

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot wait. is christophe coming? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you, di