Saturday, September 4, 2010


Pediatric nursing school written entry exam is monday.
I'm still going to go but things are pretty shakey around here. They have been for a while but i was strangely feeling ok last week in spite of the turmoil and strife and incertainty. Maybe it was that i was so relieved to finish getting stuff together for the ped school and because i was busy helping kids get back into the swing of things with school (which btw went very well) that i didnt really focalise on it. who knows? but right now, it's all kind of cumulated and hit the fan. I think this next week is going to be a decisive week in our little part of the world. It's very scary and very painful. I hope I can be strong enough to make it through for me and for the kids.


Anonymous said...

You are strong enough to get through this with GRACE and an EVEN temper. The calmer you are, the calmer everyone will be including yourself. If you feel you are reaching a boiling point, remove yourself from the situation and walk or jump it off. Henry said I can leave at a moment's notice. You say the word and I am on a plane, no questions asked. I love you, Di

memeto12 said...

i second what di said. prayers are with you. i may have to be on plane with di. stay strong, i love you, mama

caracolina said...

You can do it, Becca!!!! Please have faith! I've been awfully busy with work and trying to get at least a little bit of crafting in between that I am not online "for fun" all that often these days, but I think of you so much and hoping you will find your strength and balance in these stressful times.