Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I got my funding paper work all done! YEAH! Took it to Montpellier yesterday. While there, I kind of, well... my credit card was smoking :P
I got a new purse - I've been needing one, i only use totes i get for free and stuff and my wallet was one a friend gave me in a swap and it was fallng apart so i finally found a purse and wallet i liked and got them. the purse is huge and very colorful hehehe. lots of pockets (and i mean lots!) so i can have a place for everything and everything in its place.
I also got a new skirt and a new dress to wear to my written test and then to my oral test (positive thinking, right?).4I might have spent a little too much ;P

On the way home i saw more smoke. This time it was real. Actually I had seen smoke on the way there too but that happens around here a lot at the end of summer. Lots of dryness and heat.
But the interstate overhead sign said to get off the interstate. great! so i got off and got lost, of course. found my way only to find myself in bumper to bumper traffic. Called Alex to tell her I would be late because of traffic. That was at 5 pm.
We snaked along watching the pillars of smoke billow up on the right while airplanes went back and forth to the mediterranean on my left to swoop down and pick up water and go back and dump it.
At 8 pm, I called back almost in tears because i couldnt get home. Everywhere i could turn was blocked off by policemen and they wouldnt let you stop and ask them where to go! and there were still lines and lines of traffic, only now in a tiny village! poor people in that village, huh.
DH yelled at me because i was too silly to know the back roads. grrrrrr!!!!!!!!
He called one of his friends who lives there and the friend and his brother came and led me through backroads to a village i knew and could get home from. I felt better because even they who know the place like theback of their hands had trouble getting through because of blocked roads. Showed DH! Anyhow, i got home safe. Many were not so lucky and had to sleep all night in the gym in the village i was stuck in. A few homes have been destroyed but so far, no injuries or deaths so that's good!
The fire has burned 2000 hectars (50,000 acres) of bushlands and is still active.

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Anonymous said...

the hole in the hollar is getting deeper and deeper. glad you're safe. love you, mama