Monday, August 30, 2010

One step closer

So my boss agreed to fill out his part of the paper-work for my ped nurse school funding.
Now it's up to the commission to decide if my project is worth the funding (salary for the year plus 9000 euros in school fees), to me to do my best on entrance exams (written plus if i pass oral) and the ped school oral committee if i get that far.
Wish me luck! Prayers that God's will be done. Prayers that I be open to God's guidance in my life.

Kendra,thinking of you;
Mom, hope your back's better.
Allison, if you are ever on here, I love you.
Dianne, really missing you, hope you're in house SOON!!!
Dad, glad you're here :D (that's a smiley face in case you didnt know)
Sulky, when shall we meet again ;D
ChelleC, thank you for your continued prayers!
Caroline, how have you been doing? haven't "seen" you around much.
Heather, hope things are looking up and easing up for you.
LOVE to all of you !

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