Sunday, August 29, 2010

cough spat cough cough gasp spat GAAAASP

That's me trying to get my head out of the water.
I must be the world's best treader cause it seems that's all i ever do anymore :P
I had a wonderful time in scotland. Met Julia! Learned a few things. Bought too many things. Saw beautiful countryside and an amazing castle. Learned about weaving in said castle. Saw a great bagpipe/dancing troop in said castle. Had a great lunch with some wonderful women in said castle. Ate two whole blocks of this incredible vanilla fudge from gift shop in said castle. And all this I shared with Julia - she was as wonderful funny witty fun in person as online! And she did a much better job blogging all this than i did so if you want to know more... go here

Since I've been back i have been soooooooo busy!!!!! I worked 4 12 hour days the first week back and 3 12 hour days this past week. And only 2 of those in the ICU. The others were in surgical wards - I have never worked in any ward other than ICU and it was very disorienting and difficult for me and I was WORN OUT! I finished the last day in tears. I told the lab guy three times to come back later cause i hadnt had time to go through and see who needed blood work done yet. he came back yet again and i siad pleaase dont make me talk or i'm going to cry. the doctor then comes in and starts in on me because i hadnt fixed up the stupid name chart (who cares! the patients were where they were supposed to be and everyone was doing fine! give me a break!) and then i really did cry. see a pattern here? notice i cry a lot? i'm a big cry-baby. how embarrassing. lol!

anyhow, in between all that i've been trying to get my financial aid file together for pediatric nursing school. PITA!!!!! And looks like my job may not accept my request again :P
We shall see... In the meantime I finally managed to get to nursing school (that was quite a disaster! the school director and her secretary must think i'm a total ditz! they would be correct in assuming that ) and they filled out their part of my file. I asked non-challantly how many candidates there were... 359!!!! "OH," says I... "For how many spots?" 53.... Hmmm... well, looks like i'll still be working at St Privat. Grrrrr....
Whatever, I'll do my best and as for the rest, God's will will be done I hope. Kind of still waiting for Him to speak up on that one. Of course, i guess He would speak to me if I would give Him the opportunity, right? ho-hum!

I have managed some crafting during all this. Check out my flicker page at the bottom and you can see a shawl, a baby sweater (not for me, for Elodie, a girl i work with) and some baby hats (a crocheted hat i designed for the knitmore girls head to toe preemie project contest) as well as pics from scotland and from carcassonne where i had to fly out of - we went with thte kids for a stroll before i caught my plane.

I always seem to have huge long posts that are ecclectic and boring tryign to get things back p to date with the intention of blogging more regularly afterwards but then i let it go until the next big boring post lol!

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sulkycat said...

ahhhh, i am so flattered! it was BRILLIANT spending time with you at lastm, great fun