Monday, September 6, 2010


So I was supposed to study for this? ohhh, now you tell me. lol
just kidding, i knew studying was expected in order to pass the pediatric nursing school entry exam, BUT i think i was a little cocky. You know, over 6 years ICU experience yaddayadda should be enough to get me through without studying...
I'll jsut look at the nurse's decree. I DID do that! Honestly. All Sunday afternoon.
So first part of test was on nursing foundation material. Ummmm... well, it's scary to say that i don't have the foundations and yet i'm practising in an ICU. Ha!
It was a lot of really piddly questions on obscure parts of human anatomy. Not really obscure, but just,... why do i need to know which part of the ear has the nerve endings that permit you to hear? I'm not a doctor! And why would i be so concerned as to know...oh whatever, a bunch of crap! I'm tired and can't remember the questions, but i really was guessing at almost everything!

So then, the psychotechnical questions. Pretty much logic tests. Thought i would kick-A on this part. Well, it kicked my A!
There were 6 sections and the questions in each section start off easy and increase in difficulty. I fly along and then squeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! slam on my brakes... ok, next section. Rinse and repeat.
Thing is no time to think. I only had 90 minutes for 90 questions! Sheesh!
So tell me, if you invest 35000 euros in 2 accounts, one at 10% and one at 8% and your interests come to 3820 euros, how much did you invest in the account renumerated at 8%?
I think i could have figured this out when i was in 8th grade algebra but now??? No idea!!!!
Do you know?

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