Saturday, September 11, 2010

My little girl

Is growing so fast.
She is a sweet, affectionate, caring person. She's also very independant and opinionated, head-strong and super (overly) observant which are also great characteristics even if a little hard for a mother to accept in her 10 YO!!!
You know, every one of those last characteristics could be said of her dad too! How funny! Maybe that's why they're hard for me to deal with?
Anyhow, I got in from work last night to find the kitchen door shut and a hand written note asking everyone to please stay out posted on it.
She did allow me in to put my tupperware in the sink and give her a kiss but only with my eyes closed and her leading me LOL!
She also was sweet enough to bring me a glass of zero coke as i wasnt allowed in for that either ;).

So why all the secrecy? She had heard me tell DH the night before that we could have a salad with fresh figs and apples cut up in it and a yummy olive oil vinaigrette for dinner. So she made us salad plates with all the fruit cut up in it and everything. What a sweetie! And she has made yogurt cake a few times with supervision. This time she did it all by herself! Well, except she called her big brother in to break the eggs ;).
Everything tasted delicious and you would never know she had been in the kitchen as she cleaned up after herself!

While she did all of this, I was able to do some yoga :D

She's so funny too because she is obsessed with boobies. She's been wanting "some of those" for over a year, talking about it all the time, looking in the mirror daily to see if she has any, talking about all her friends and their boobies or lack there-of, and begging me to buy her a bra (Christophe is highly agaisnt that - "she doesnt need one, that's silly" - so up til now she's only gotten those tank top slip things). Over the past month, they have gone from being convex to being, well, less convex LOL! And she is sooooo proud! She keeps coming up to me and her dad going look! look!

ohhhhh, my little girl is growing up so quick!!!!


Kendra said...

That is SO funny. It sounds like it is time for a girl's shopping trip. I bet Christophe is dying, huh?

caracolina said...

That is so cute and funny ...and a little awkward.

sulkycat said...

thats made me smile - i love her making your tea, thats so lovely

as for bosoms - ah, the joys of daughters! one day she will love them, the next she will curse them!

ChelleC said...

You just made my day! Thanks for the story about her cooking and her being proud of her new figure. So cute. And that salad she made sounds delish. Think I will have to try that.