Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So in our ravelry group a lot of us seem to be going through some difficult transitions and we're trying to work our ways out of it with each other's support and encouragement.

We were to set goals. My goal is to be more spiritually and mentally in tune with my life - family career faith...

So my mini-goals for the next week are to take off ipod at home (this means i can listen on commutes or walks) , stop internet until after kids are in bed, and start my day with prayer and meditation and bible passage.

I started this afternoon with no ipod or puter. i had a nice evening. i actualy made a decent meal (white chicken chili), did some laundry, talked to kids without rolling my eyes to stop my ipod...
I feel it was a good start and i'm happy with my goals and my meeting them today.

On the heel/foot pain:
finally went to doc even though the worst of the pain is over. he immediately thought of a heel spur and sent me to have an xray and it was confirmed. what irks me is that i had a terrible time twice in the past with my left foot and the radiologist was like 'there's nothing at all wrong with you" and made me feel like a stupid whiney-butt baby. yet when i looked up heel spur, i found that the calcification that causes the spur comes from fasciitis (an inflammation of the tendon running along the bottom of your foot) that over time causes the formation of the calcannean spur and at the beginning stages you may have no xray proof of the inflammation. what i'm getting at is, the pain i was having a few years back was probably this problem in its early stages.
thanks, jerk :P
i have certain risk factors - some i can work on, others not : overweight, flat feet, jogging or hiking - dh really really exaggerates on the hikes - 5 km? pshaw! we'll do 25! your feet hurt? pshaw, you're always complaining about something. ugh!!!!

Anyhow, at least now i know what it is. and i have a podologue appointment so he will make special soles for me. That and anti - inflammatories are about the only things you can do. prevention is best.
so, it you have flat feet (or on the contrary high arches), are overweight, over 45 - be kind to your feetsies and stretch properly before hikes, walks, jogs, and most of all if you feel pain, STOP and rest.
Oh, and apparently it's not good to walk bare-footed on hard surfaces (which i do allllll the time :P)


caracolina said...

First of all - congrats on your improvement plan! I am trying some similar measures to keep myself from getting stuck on the computer in the evenings. And then... I have plantar fasciitis! I have to be really careful about running etc. I was born with flat feet and ankles that turn inward and had to wear orthotics through most of my childhood (which meant ugly shoes of course so I hated them). About 10 years ago we lived in a house with stone tile floor and after walking barefoot a lot I developed heel pain and was diagnosed with fasciitis before a heel spur developed. The crazy thing was that orthotics are not covered by my insurance, but heel spur surgery would have been. I bought orthotics at a store that specializes on this stuff (they were pre-made but not dr scholls) and they were a huge help. I can walk barefoot again now but the heel can get tender if I'm not careful. If I walk or hike a long time it is best to wear orthotics. Will you have to get surgery now? I am sorry this did not get diagnosed earlier... good luck with this!

Rebecca said...

I was told there's nothing to be done for heel spurs. i'll have to look into it.
i htought my inflammatory part was over but today i was on my feet a lot at work and now it's re-hurting +++.
But again, prevention is best and walkng barefoot on hard floors is apparently not great for us plantar fasciitis people.

ChelleC said...

Rebecca, I am SO proud of you for putting away the technology and spending more attentive time with your family. That is so phenomenal.

Also, it's amazing (you and I must be on the same mental path this week) because I too decided that I need to make a more conscious effort to do my bible contemplation, prayer and meditation first thing in the morning. I managed to do it 5 days this week and it made my whole week so much better. I hope you're able to do that too.