Sunday, June 6, 2010


If you've been following along, you might know i've been really wanting to learn to sew for a while but the sewing machine i bought a few years ago was total crap, never worked, and would cost more to fiw than it was worth.
Our aunt gave us a (very) old one. Machine repairman laughed out loud when he saw it and said, uh... no! not worth fixing. it had a huge motor thing on the back of it connected to a transformer connected to a plug and then plugged into the top of the machine with a crazy, too short cable; really wierd.
DH said he'd get me one if i'd stop collecting peices of poop machines at the house. So yesterday in Montpellier i went into a sewing machine shop and the lady was so nice! She showed me one that was perfect in her opinion for a beginner. Very straightforward, no bells and whistles, but all the neccessities, and extremely easy to use. I told her I'd think about it. I called DH and even if he can often be a jerk, he is also often a big sweetie. Yesterday he was a sweetie ;).
He looked it up on the internet while i was on the phone and read up on it, confirming all the shop owner said, but saying it was 20 euros less on the net - i told him i'd rather pay 20 more but have the lady show me how to use it a little and have the customer service near me. So, he said "if you promise to use it and not let it jsut sit there collecting dust, go get it - it's my birthday present to you."
The lady spent about 1.5 hours with me showing me everything from A to Z - how to fill up the cannette (bobbin?), thread the machine (it has an automatic threader - cool :) ), how to change the feet and what the different ones are for, and how to clean it. She then watched me do all she just showed me and gave me her card so i can call when need be. Also online, they were offering a sewing kit, and i mentioned this to her and she threw about 10 extra bobbins, a tape measurer, and a whole pack of new needles in there for me.
I'm so so so excited! I pulled out an elephant baby quilt i started a few years ago in a quilting class i took and that has just been languishing in my closet and started test sewing those up - it is perfect!!!! So easy to use! I'm so excited!
I'm going to get a sewing book soon so I can make things for myself and Alex :D

We also have our new family memebers. And one of them even layed an egg for us already ! lol! She even had the courtesy to do it in the mezzenine DH built for them.

I finished a pair of socks.

I lost the baby sweater I was working on in Montpellier yesterday 8-O !!!!!
But i relocated it by calling all the stores i had gone to lol! I'll pick it up next weekend.

Oh well, ttfn, gotta go see what kids are up to.


Kendra said...

Ugh! Chickens!

I'm really excited about the sewing machine. That is something I have always wanted to learn to do. You and Dianne are so stickin' crafty. Maybe that is something I will put on my "bucket list" that I am working on.

caracolina said...

How awesome about both the sewing machine and that you guys got chicken! I'm so curious what you'll sew. I have a sewing machine that I got years ago after promising to use it, just like you did. I have made a couple of things with it but nothing I'm super proud of (other than two pillowcases, very easy lol) - however I still am not giving up on it. I know you'll do great and maybe you can give me some tips. If you need anything from here patternwise, just say the word...

dianne said...

Chickens! I am so jealous! What kind of sewing machine? One the pattern and follow it. No short cuts yet! If I stick strictly to the pattern, things are fine. The winging it or skipping steps makes a mess!