Thursday, April 22, 2010

YEAH!!! Same program today as tuesday but i did it so much better. i didnt have to stop often like i did two days ago and i didnt suffer as much :D
Tomorrow is an off day so I think i'll do some yoga.
anyone out there decided to take me up on the challenge? there's a prize in it - anoyone who starts and finishes a workout program and lets me know about it through blog or ravelry, is thrown in for the drawing ... is that motivation enough? and considering there will probably only be 2 people that makes for pretty good odds ;)


sulkycat said...

make it three, theres me too!

slowly, very slowly, but i managed three bits of running on wednesday and will be trying it again today

i must be mad

Rebecca said...

wtg! you are getting so much activity in! be kind to your joints though - let the mrest everyonce in a while.
are you doing couch to 5 k or just your own thing?

ChelleC said...

I am doing yoga once a week - and treadmill/walking at least 3 times a week. Next, I'm going to add some ab/core sessions into the mix.

Rebecca said...

good job!
keep up the good work :D