Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Squeezing it in

The kids and I had a great day in Montpellier today - hair cut for me and Rémi, subway for lunch! yum! a new babydoll for Alex who has recently decided to start playing with them again. And just a nice peaceful day.
But I got back pretty late and so just had tiem to squeeze my jogging in but i did manage it and it went better than yesterday. it wasnt as far today but i think it was more due to the lack of wind blowing against me that it was easier. btw, on the return trip yesterday, you know when the wind could have helped me by blowing me along instead of blowing me back? well, the wind just...stopped. gee, thanks. anyhow today, no wind, and not as hot since it was later in the day.
ok all for tonight. bye :D!

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ChelleC said...

So glad to see you posting on your blog and keeping us up-to-date on your fitness program.