Tuesday, April 20, 2010


phew! hard work today! Squeeaking past the finish line. remember the push pull or drag it on in car commercials? that's me. draggin' my butt through the last day at work. but i made it!!!!!!! yeah!!!!! I'm off wed-sun, thank God! I need it!
Work kind of sucks (well no, not kind of, it really sucks) right now.
And my jogging? today i was to jog for 4 miles (6.5 km). I couldnt do it. I'm disappointed in myself b/c I was able to jog 10 km at the end of last fall when i had een working up to it. But, with the weight, it's really rough. So, i'm being gentle with myself and working up to it. I got out there and tried so even if i walked the last 1/4 and had to stop a couple of times in between, i still did what i was scheduled to do.
I will be patient with myself and i'll do fine. Ive done it before, right?

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