Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few pictures

So here's a pic of the goody box i got from my bff last week :

And here are my first ever knitted socks :D
Perfect fit thanks to a perfect pattern by jasmin from the knitmore girls podcast - it's the knitmore vanilla socks pattern on ravelry.

And here's Easy

And here are thekids playing in the snow just a few short weeks ago - snow in the beginning of march here?! crazy!!!!

And finally some pics from teh phatfiber box. Was a little disapointed but these buttons are gorgeous and tehre were a couple of sample batts i liked :

Sorry for the randomness of the post, just catching up on pics :)


Jasmin said...

YAY! Your socks look fantastic!

dianne said...

yeah!!!!!! you did it. hand knit socks are great to wear, aren't they!