Saturday, March 27, 2010


Kendra!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My bff just sent me a very sweet card and a very SWEET package! She knows me so well! She sent 24 reeses peanut butter cups!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! And get this! This is really special! GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!!!! Abox of my two favorites!!! Thin mints and peanut butter tagalongs!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know I'm yelling a lot but I'm so excited!!!
She also sent two packages of sour patch kids - Kendra and I used to work in a little candy kiosque in the mall after school and man we pigged out on those things! We wre just talking about it on skype the other day and seeing those really made me smile. There was also cadbury cream eggs.
Did you remember me eating those things like there was no tomorrow when i worked at walgreens?
There were also peeps that the kids claimed right away (they've also claimed the sourpatch kids but i made them promise to give me a few for old times' sake ;) )
Thank you so much Kendra! It really made me happy and smile to know you were thinking of me and that you knew so well just what to send :D!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kendra said...

I'm so glad that you and the kids enjoyed the goodies we sent. I hope DH isn't too mad that we sent pure sugar. I bet the kids are hyper! Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

lol! no - we're divvying it out little by little so no biggie. the tagalongs though...well, they're on my thighs :P

Kendra said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Let me know what else you "need". lol