Saturday, February 27, 2010

On and off the needles

So on the needles :
1. Dumbledore sweater. I'm so close to finishong but it's just sitting there. Lost my impetus. I wore the vest part of it the other day. it's nice and warm and so soft onthe outside but i had to wear something under it cause there are little hairs that poke my soft sensitive baby skin (ahem...) if i don't. My goal is to finish it this weekend... Famous last words.

2. A baby sweater for my future niece/ nephew. David and Marie-Laurence are going to have a second child but they don't want to know the sex of the baby so I had to try for fairly neutral colors which is hard for me. But I'm pretty happy with what i picked out - a pretty deep blue, a lighter cornflower blue and a pretty sunflower yellow for the yoke with white for the sleeves and body.

I also picked up some skeins for a second sweater cause the colors are just beautiful!!! I couldnt resist ;) It a darker beige with a deep prune color, a lighter purple and this really really awesome yellowy-green shade that really pops with tthe purples. I love it!

3. A pair of vanilla socks. I am just determined to make a pair of socks! Want to see what all the hype is about. I've tried to no avail a couple of times but ths time I WILL do it. I have to! Cause i spent a s***load on sock yarn like an idiot so choice! So far, I'm down an inch on the cuff which is farther than i've ever gotten so that's pretty much a success for me already! But i really dont like the colors. I liked it on the computer screen but in person it reminds me of candy corn and i loath candy corn :P .

4. A prayer shawl that I've called love and comfort. Don't know who it's for but I do know that when it's done, someone will need some love and comfort and so they will get my shawl.

Off my needles.

1. Easy's dog sweater- i mentioned it last week but couldnt post a pic of it. Made this one for ravelympics. It was easy and fun and is very cute and Easy likes her sweater!

Last week was crazy with this stupid trial duty. I did a copy and paste of my story of this horror since i already griped about it on ravelry, for those of you not on ravelry.

I am so so so embarassed i could crawl into a hole and just die :P
I was on stupid jury duty and my boss wrote a letter asking to let me be released from the obligation .also while i was there i tried to discreetly explain that i have trouble following the news or listening to conversations between several people to one of the ladies who made me get up in front of everyone and say it to the main lady - one very embarrassing moment. then the judge made a case out of me in front of everyone about how the employer could not put the responsibity of being absent for jury duty on the employee. and the lady said but also this one is worried about communication and i had to get up in front of everyone again and reexplainand the judge made ofun of me saying if i could be a nurse then i was obviously able to follow the trial and basically accused me of trying to get out of it. then the stupid head lawyer lady said that my request was rejected because i obviously spoke french well enough. they dont understand that you can speak it well on a conversational day to day level but not be able to furnish the level of conversation necessary over a long period of time to be able to do something like that. anyhow, already very embarrassed and then the trial starts. it was a rape case and they were reading the accusation and details before it started and i just could not sit there. i started tearing up and then turned my head cause the tears got too big to keep in my eyes and she just kept on and on and finally the judge stopped her and said are you ok and i couldnt even answer and you know how when you’re trying to stop crying that’s when it really comes out…well it did. big loud stupid sobs in front of everyone. i really am so embarrassed i could just hide forever. so i of course got kicked out but still have to go back wed fri and one day next week for the next drawings to see if i have to sit in on another tiral. why oh why did i vote!!!???
oh and on top of it all, i got a speeding ticket on the way there and i got lost - really bad lost - and was late because of it. and i got lost on the way back too.
i’ve had a really bad day :P

That's much easier than typing it all out again ;)
Man it really sucked though. The second trial was also the rape of a minor only this time with incest. The judge let me off the hook (after calling me up to the microphone in front of God and everyone to ask if i thought i would break down in sobs again - i told him i would try not to but that i probably would)
And yesterday, on a murder without premeditation trial i wasnt picked Phew! Just one more trial to go and then I'm free :D.

The kids and DH are back. They're so funny - they must have eaten a silly pill. I'm glad they're back :D.
Please keep Sam and the kids and my sister Allison in your prayers.

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ChelleC said...

Ah sweetie, it sounds like you DID have a rough day. I can just see it. You are so sweet. I will hope that you get out of jury duty SOON. Why the judge has to ridicule, I don't understand

I love your knits! The prayer shawl is beautiful. The doggies sweater so cute. You are really productive and making great stuff.