Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catch all

Since I never post, once i do finally get around to it i have so much to say i just blurt it all out.
Home front : I'm a bachelorette this weekend - kids and dh went to mountains again for about five days of skiing.
Otherwise, they're doing great. DH and i finally sat down to talk about discipline. HELLO! Remi is 11.5!!!! and we're only NOW discussing this!? they've gotten really out of control as far as not doing anything we expect of them (homework and keeping room clean and taking out trash...not too much, really!) puffing and hemming and hawing when we ask them to do something (i.e. one of the afore mentioned responsibilities), talking back to us, being rude to each other to us and even to friends and people we dont even know! it's very hard to instore the golden rule when dh feels the golden rule means you're letting people walk all over you. Anyhow, after years of trying to get DH to talk about it all and decide on lines of conduct and appropriate punishments (you know instead of yelling you're grounded for 3 months which is just stupid and sends the message that we dont uphold what we say and all). So we made up a list and talked to the kdis about it and believe it or not, things are going really well since. Hope those arent famous last words...

Work front :
MAN! What a roller coaster! Feel like i need 30 heads to take care of all this stuff! Things are so-so. I'm off Monday as i haev to go to Montpellier for jury duty. keep your fingers crossed that i'm not selected otherwise i dont know what i'll do as far as work is concerned!

Knitting/ crocheting/ spinning :
Only one sleeve left on my Dumbledore sweater.
I made a sweater for Easy this week. Cant post pics cause dh and kids have the camera.
I've spun some beautiful pink/green./black merino-alpaca. almost done then need to ply. it's so pretty!
and i made a hat for a special patient at work. He'd been coming to the ICU since about 2006. The first time, I had taken care of him all week (pneumectomie for lung cancer) and then was off for weekend. When I came back I was like, oh good, he's still here. So i was doing my first round and went into his room and then went back out and looked at the room number again and then back in and back out to triple check and i was like "Mr soandso???" and he says oh, hi Rebecca. I couldn't believe it - I had never seen anything like it! He had sub-dermique emphysema (can you believe the night nurse failed to tell me this!!!!???) and he was blown up like the stay-puffed marshmellow man! Unrecognizable! And his voice was higher-pitched than a 3 yo girl's and all nasaly. Poor guy. That was years ago.
Anyhow, I was able to give it to him just 2 days before he passed away :(

One last thing. Things have changed a lot in my USA family and I wold greatly appreciate any of you who are so inclined keeping them in prayer.

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