Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just a quick touch-base.
Made it through the two crazy weeks at work. It went fairly well. Some things i could have managed better, some things i'm pretty darn happy about how they went. All in all, it's going decent and next week will be a little calmer I think. If Monday and Tuesday go OK my supervisor told me I can even take Wednesday off. Then I'll haev 1.5 weeks left to trouble shoot before we start up the ICU - one week training all the different people then one week in the ICU all day mon-fri. But it should go more smoothly i think since it's the second and at least i know the icu like the back of my hand so it should be easier for that reason too.
So I'm off to throw some stuff together for lunch and then to do some yoga.
Hope you are all well! hugs!


dianne said...

love you! so glad it went better than you expected!

ChelleC said...

That's wonderful. Glad things are going well. You inspire me to want to do yoga again. I love it - so relaxing. Have a great week. Keep us updated when you can.