Monday, January 18, 2010

Nose to the grind

If you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks...well, that wouldnt be any surprise, now, would it?
But this time i actually have an excuse other than laziness. I have been having quite a few challenges at work for the past few months with the new post I referred to a whle back. It's been interesting and a nice change of pace - far less stress than ICU, thank God!!!!
But I've been on a very steep learning curve and been having to jungle a lot of things organization - wise and learn to work without anybody supervising me. So that's been quite interesting. And now, it's all coming to a head - all this week I'm training doctors, chiropractors, dieticians, psychologists, nurses, nurses' aids, secretaries, supervisors... if they work in our hospital, i have to train them. This is again something I've never had to do before.
Fortunately we're doing it by ward so for this week, I only have 20 nurses and aides, about 20 doctors and about 10 people from other groups. Then next week we go live and that will be quite an experience and the ultimate test - did i do a good job programming the system? Did I train everyone well enough? phew! i'm pretty darn stressed and anxiety- ridden! Wish me luck!
Then I'll have a week to recuperate and fiw any probs that were brought to my attention once people get used to the system and notice a misspelled word here or a better way to do something there or what have you. And the week after that, I get to start training again for the next ward (this time, my old ward - the ICU!)
But after this first two weeks, during the calm before the storm, I'll try to post.
Big hugs to all!
And if you want to skype on the weekend kendra, let me know (and any other of my 3 readers too if you want ;) )

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caracolina said...

You go girl! It sounds like you're on a roll!