Saturday, January 9, 2010


Just a little blabbing since I'm on a blogging role ;)

On my needles :

Dumbledore sweater
This is a gorgeous sweater designed by Rachel Chaffee and Lucinda Snyderand originally called Thumb Thermal
Mine is called Dumbledore cause I decided to make mine out of a beautiful purple and gold! It's 100% alpaca so man is it soft! But I'm worried it may droop a lot - we'll see if the stupid thing ever gets done. It's sport weight yarn (Kendra, I think you're the only non-knitter who reads my blog, and of course we'll have to fix that next time I'm home, that means that it's pretty thin yarn for a hand knit sweater) so man is it going slow!!!!!
I finished the back and one sleeve. I'm now going to cast on for the front. I was running low on both colors, which, of course, have been discontinued, but I found a lovely girl on ravelry who happened to have the purple in the same dye lot and was willing to sell 2 skeins to me :D.
Not having as much luck with the gold but I'm still trying.

I'm also working on a lopi wool block afghan. Lopi is made of Icelandic wool. It's sturdy which means it's not exactly soft so not great for next-to-skin wear. But it will make a strong, durable and warm afghan. I'm going to back the afghan with a polar fleece or flannel materiel so it will be pretty, durable, functional and soft to cuddle up in all at the same time. At first I really hated knitting with this. Ever knit with twine anyone? Blerk! But it's really grown on me. It feels homey and rustic as it runs through my fingers. A totally different feel from what I usually knit with.
The pattern I'm using is very specail as it is a joint effort from some of the ladies from the Monthly Adventures Ravelry group. One lady per month put out a block of her adaptation or design to be knit. We started in January 2009 and were to knit one block a month and be done at the end of the year. I pooped out after 5 months. :P
I'm now starting back up on two blocks I started and put away. I finished one of the two and am stuck on the second - there's a stitch I don't know how to do. Then 5 more and stitching together and sewing backing on.... Not finished yet!

I'm also working on a pair of fingerless mitts for Alex' friend Julite. I finished one but am having motivational probs for the second as the first I'm not totally happy with and also Alex and Julie are now on the outs. But I did promise them to her two months ago! Better get busy!

Then there are my projects I'm just raring at the bit to knit! I've promised myself I won't! Not until I've finished the mitts and one of the other two WIPs!

Kendra I am so glad to have heard from you! I hope you are well! Big hugs!!!!

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