Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two posts in 2010 already!

I am feeling overwhelmed at work. I can't say I'm stressed cause my God nothing can ever be as stressful as the ICU was. But I foresee a LOT of hours in the next few months and a lot of stressful deadlines. I've never been responsible for this big of a project before. Well, any project I should say! And I'm so nervous about how this will turn out once we go live with it. And all deadlines seem to be merging in this one big think looming ominously over my head :b

As far as my 2010 resolutions, well, pretty good but speaking of, I'm off the puter now! so i can go be with my fam.
big hugs to all of you (three) readers ;D


ChelleC said...

Rebecca, happy new year! I love your resolution about spending more time with your family and less on the puter. I could stand to do that too. Here I am on my lunch hour, checking my favorite blogs. Ha.

Here's wishing you less stress.

caracolina said...

Happy New Year from AZ! I applaud your resolutions and hope you'll get through those tense periods at work. I've also decided to focus more on projects and less on reading about stuff on the net, that's why I'm not on Rav that much anymore. So, where's reader #3?