Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Le maroc

I just got back from my yoga retreat in Morocco. I was hoping to
1. rest
2. pray and get my spiritual life back to a comfortable place
3. do lots of yoga and get all of my asana positionings corrected
4. decide if i want to become a yoga teacher one day
5. do the optional teacher training
6. meet shiva rea and give her the shawl i made for her

I got plenty of rest time but i didnt sleep well so I'm still tired but that's ok cause I'm off til monday and then i start off full time my new job.
I feel I became closer to God after I stopped fighting it and trying to force myself into "being spiritual". Several times once I started being receptive to my feelings and my bible devotions and even interactions with others, I felt God encouraging me to just let go. My mediation mantra over the nex couple of days was to let go and let God. I'm trying to apply it to my life now that I'm back.
I did a decent amount of yoga but not as much as i would have thought and a little lighter than i'd expected. though it sure was hard muscularly for me. i was really dragging my butt! but dh touched the back of my leg by accident while i was bending over and was like 'man! your legs are strong!' so that must mean i did more than i thought.
so do i want to train to teach? i think i still do. i'll have to digest the whole experience first.
I did not do the optional teacher training and i'm very glad i didnt as the girls who did (350 $!!!!) were very disappointed. shiva only participated the last day and i think then only cause she heard echos of the disappointment and even then she didnt really teach anything about integrating trance dance into your yoga lessons as that was the theme.
I met shiva and gave her the shawl. she seemed to like it and had it a couple of times afterward. she draped it over dave stringer's shoulders as he led the kirtan. i got pictures of her in it and one of us together. i am so relieved she liked it - it was very intimidating to offer it to her and i was very nervous.

i was very glad to get back home. i really was missing the kids and dh and home! oh thank god i'm home! the kids were so sweet. they had set the table and put a sweet letter and collar around easy's neck as a little messenger dog. too cute!

I'll post pics tomorrow but i wanted to get this up.

hugs and prayers going out to all of my friends and family who need it.


caracolina said...

Welcome home! I'm happy to hear you accomplished so much! I hope you post photos soon...

Kendra said...

It sounds like overall you had a great trip. I can't wait to see the pictures soon! And I'm glad you are so happy to be home. Maybe this break is just what the doctor ordered!

memeto12 said...

looks like u achieved what u set out to do. at least you enjoyed your time and it gave you an invaluable lesson in life learning. reflect on it often. love ya, mama