Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it's ok

sorry about the other day. everything is fine - just feeling discombobulated lately

so the day i got dad and di at train station was crazy
spent day shopping in town with kids - we had parked at the mall as the train station parking is verrrry expensive so didnt want t o park there all day
left the mall with an hour to spare to go to train station that is a three minute walk from the mall but i didnt want us to have to drag suitcases through town and all. we should have! it took me 1.5 hours to get through town - traffic, got lost, no one and i mean no one knew how to get to the train station (we asked ten people!) cause of all the one way streets and construction and stuff.
i was swearing like a sailor yelling screaming crying. my poor kids were witness to this
i was thinking so there you go, confirmation of all my worries. this trip is going to suck for dad and di. i'm a failure. they com evisit once every blue moon and you cant even get there to pick them up on time and they're going to be so tired and just want to get in and here they are waiting in a loud busy train station.... ugh! turns out their train was late thank god and we all got there at the same tiem and everything has been just fine since
i of course apologized to my poor kids but they must think mommy is even crazier than they had imagined...

so! yesterday dad and di got to visit the center of caux with the kids. and then relax and play pingpong and wii in the afternoon. and this morning they are going mushroom hunting with christophe. i worked yesterday and today but then i'm off.

it is so ggod to see them! i am so happy they're here!


caracolina said...

Happy to hear they arrived and everybody is having a good time. Enjoy!

Kendra said...

I only have a minute because I have to get ready for work.

I'm SO jealous. I wish I was there. Make sure you take lots of pictures. And tell Dianne to do the same.

Oh weird....I just rememebered I dreamed of Allison last night. How is she doing?