Monday, October 26, 2009

play twilight music

as you read this post as i'm out in the twilight zone right now. everything seems crazy inmy life, i cant keep up with anything, days run past before i get achance to figure out what i need to do the next day... hohum.
today dad and di get in. i'm nervous. eels wierd to be nervous when i'm so happy they'r coming but i want everything to be perfect whereas i know it wont. i cant keep my house clean, the kids are being right brats here lately, there's not much to do around here especially over such a short period of time. i'm afraid they'll jsut be disappointed with everything. and on top of this, i put di in alex' room and dad in remi's so they both can have private space but that means i'm putting them in living quarters inferior to what they're used to - twin bed with kid comforter rather than double with luxurious comforter and pretty pillows ; candy cotton pink and electric blue walls instead of nice adult colors...
i'm just nervous and frazzled.
so do any of you remember the twilight zone episode where this doll was getting on the dad's nerve (i'm talking tina and i like you is what she said to girl all the time) and he tried to make it be quiet and it started saying i'm talking tina and i dont like you to him and then he took batteries out and it started saying i'm talking tina and i 'm going to kill you. omg that one scared the bajeevies out of me!


caracolina said...

Calm down!!! I'm sure your folks are more concerned with being with you than with the colors of their bedclothes. And I'm sure they won't take notes on how much dust is on your furnitures or how organized the closets are. Funny how the tension before a visit like this can turn into downright crazyness. When I was 8 or 9 my mom's best friend came to visit us in our town (she lived in North Germany) after they hadn't seen each other in years. My mom, sister and I went to the train station to pick her up and just before the train arrived my mom spotted a nice skirt in a shop window in the train station and felt compelled to go in and try it out, pushing my sister and I into the direction of the platform. I remember looking at all the people coming from the train, wondering what Aunt Linda would look like (I had been a baby when I had seen her last) and freaking out about missing her but luckily we spotted each other and new who we were... Linda never stopped teasing my mom about being so nervous about the visit that shopping for a skirt all of a sudden became more important. Enjoy your dad and Di's visit!

Anonymous said...

Chill bec! It will all be fine. What's wrong with an electric blue room? I'd kill for a bright b;ue room in my house!!!!! Everything will be fine.