Thursday, October 22, 2009

the death of a friendship

really sucks.
worked all weekend with martine, giving each other the cold shoulder - very awkward, hard, and mental-energy consuming. wrote her a letter sunday evening at work so it would break the ice (i hoped) and open the communication channels. well, that it did, she angrily told me i was wrong and she was right and i was a terrible person. i let her talk 'very hard for me) and when i tried to talk she cut in every time to say thats not right or thats not how it happened or that i cant accept critique (i live with it daily, woman!) and finally turned her back on me and walked out. ok. fine. that's how she wants it. sucks, hurts, stupid, but i'll live. i am liing. not that big of a deal. and monday was my last day with her at work. i work friday but she's off and then i have vacation and then i start my new position.

on a different note
Kendra, how are you? I'm thinking of you. Big big big hugs.


Kendra said...

I'm REALLY sorry about your friend. I think you did the right thing by trying to talk to her. It really is a shame that she couldn't move forward. And it seems a little immature. Of course, I don't know what happened. But, I am finding right now, sometimes you just have to acknowledge that someone was hurt. The intention is important, but it doesn't change the hurt. Does that make sense?

And both people have to be willing to do some self examination! If both can't do that, you can't move on.

Does that answer your last question? lol

caracolina said...

Of course I don't know what preceded this standoff, but even if you were wrong at least you tried to communicate, only to find out she wasn't ready to talk reasonably yet. Let her cool off and she might come back to the table at some point. (I would hope that you might still be willing to talk then.) If she doesn't come around, you did the best you could. Let time heal your wounds and move on. Plenty other people value your company and love you for who you are.

memeto12 said...

hate to hear about martini. you tried, that is most important. it will turn around - give it some time, have hope and patiene. apparently, according to someone i need to quit talking to you and ma. said my piece, i love you anyway. mama

Mark said...

Tell her your Daddy is comin' over to straighten out the situation!! J.K. (just kidding!)

I think I'll come anyway just for fun. See you Tuesday morning. Need anything from here?? (email me)