Friday, November 13, 2009

look at this

i've never seen a plant like this
my friend alison offered it to me when we had them over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and thought it was so original and beautiful . was afraid it would not last long as it is so exotic looking. it was just this paper thin "flower" type of thing in a pink very surprising for nature. well, when i came back from morocco it had flowered! purple flowers coming out of this thin pink oval shaped flower. isnt it beautiful? and so unique. any ideas of what it is?


NextVanGogh said...

YES! I used to have one of these. I can't remember the name right now... but I'm pretty sure it's in the pineapple plant family.

caracolina said...

Yes, the previous commenter is right: this is a bromeliad. The proper name is Tillandsia Cyanea or Pink Quill. You can find lots of info about the proper care online.

Rebecca said...

oh neat! thank you both for info!