Sunday, October 11, 2009

Random thoughts

Did you know my dad and sis (Di) are coming in only two weeks? They're staying for a week. We're so excited!!!!!

Did you know I'm leaving for my yoga retreat with Shiva Rea in only three weeks?
I'm working on this as a gift for her.

Did you know I lost about 5 pounds in two weeks on a high protein diet and have already gained almost all of it back within two weeks of eating normal?

These things are all intertwined though they may seem random.

The weight : I've got to get it off. But not for Christophe. FOR ME! Because I am not strong enough for this much weight to hold yoga postures (asanas) for very long and i will be so embarrassed to be the only one who can't at the retreat. So I'm going to follow my dieticiens healthy low-calorie eating guidelines to a tee for one full week. NO EXCEPTIONS! Cause i have been "following" it except allowing myself a chocolate piece several ties a day to reward myself for being good. And except for eating more on my work days cause i work hard and deserve it. And except for the times I eat a little more and not exactly according to the guidelines cause we're having friends or family over.... You get the idea right? And then I get frustrated and say the diet doesnt work. hehehe :")
So I will follow it as planned and if i make it through a whole week, i will reward myself with a non food as i did for my couch to 5k. :D

And how does the fam visit tie in? Well, it will be harder to stick with it on the one hand, but i'll haev to be strong. on the other hand, Dianne has been doing a lot of yoga with real live instructors, unlike me who only does it on dvd. So i'm thinking we'll be doing some yoga every day (i hope) :)

And finally, is the the excitement tying them all together. so see, my random thoughts aren't really that random are they?

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ChelleC said...

Keep up the good work. You can do it. : )