Monday, October 12, 2009

I love fall!

Beautiful colors (reds, oranges, browns)!
Glorious sensations (cool breezes cooling off sun-warmed skin, cool crisp nights falling earlier and earlier)!
Delicious smells (burning leaves, freshly chirned earth, over ripe grapes on the vines and figs in the trees)!

I love it!

And here's my finished shawl which just screams fall, don't you think? with it's orange flames, stars, and warm warm super soft fuzzy alpaca/tencel blend.


ChelleC said...

Oh my goodness, Rebecca that shawl is absolutely the most gorgeous thing. It says all the delicious autumn sensory experience that you just wrote about on your blog today. I love it. Chelle

Turn-n-burn82 said...

VERY pretty!