Saturday, October 10, 2009

good friends = smiles

I'm in a group on ravelry called monthly adventures (MA). it's pretty much the only group i post in or read and i've made some special friends inthe group which seems wierd for me to say as i've always looked down on cyber relationships thinking them superficial and wierd and a substitute for those who have too many complexes to get out in the real world and meet people in a normal way. in other words i had a lot of prejudices.
anyway, in this group, the moderators are forever giving away prizes and someone is always sending a rak (random act of kindness) someone else going through rough times, and we do all kinds of "swaps", and we learn new techniques together and do kal (knit alongs) or cal (crochet alongs). we just have loads of fun.
Anyhow, mid august to end of september was pretty rough for me. marital tensions galore (can i just say that that is a big understatement ;) ), kid stress and the accompanying guilt, job probs i just am so sick of, the stupid entry exam i missed, who knows what else!

anyway, three, yes three! lovely people sent me a rak:

two from MA:

sulkycat (julia from england who is a riot and so sweet and just lovely lovely lovely) sent me a pattern for a sweater i'd had my eye on - it's this

then twinsmama (paula, an australian homeschooling mama of two twin boys living in england who is very sweet and kind and gentle) sent me this

how sweet are they???

Then, and this is no longer MA related, my bff (kendra) who i just love to death and who i consider one of my sisters (not birth sister this time, but chosen sister) sent me a beautiful pink glittery butterfly card just to say hi and make me smile and make me feel better. now, on ravelry we tend to talk about our preferences a lot but how did kendra know that i love butterflies and that glitter is my favorite color ;)! see she really is my long lost sister!

I LOVE ALL OF YOU! You are all so special to me and so sweet and i really thank you and hope that i can be as good a friend to you as you are to me.


Kendra said...

I'm really glad all you have made such good friends. Those "little" things really do make like bearable sometimes.

I'm glad we all could brighten things up a little.

Ha! And glitter is my favorite color too! I only buys cards with glitter on them.

Glitter makes me happy!

Maybe we both should spend some time thinking of the little thinks that put a smile only your face and a skip in your step.

sulkycat said...

works both ways my friend. as you proved this morning - but even without that fabulous surprise parcel, you constantly show your kindness and generosity, you are one of lifes good people becca.