Sunday, September 13, 2009


My God am I stupid!!!
I can't believe how stupid I am!
I missed the freakin reakin stupid pediatric nursing school entrance exam! My God! I'm so stupid!!!!! I don't deserve to get into the school cause to be stupid enough to miss the entrance exam...well, you're just too stupid to go through the program anyway!

Last Tuesday I drug Christophe all the way to Pezenas on his pingpong night to go to a parent teacher meeting at RĂ©mi's new school. As we were walking in everyone else was walking out. I thought it was at 6:30. It was at 5:30. DH was obviously a little upset.

And now this??? I had sept 14 written in my little purse planner and on the calander. I looked this morning on the convocation to check what time i needed to be there as i didn't write that on the calanders. And I see 1 pm. and i was like oh! look christophe i don't have to be there til 1. then i read outloud. sept 7 at 1 pm. well, good.
and then...doing!!!! it hit us both at once. sept 7???!!!!

God I hate myself! I just can't get my shit together! I don't know who i am, what i want to do "when i grow up", (forget the fact that i'm already grown up and have been for a while!), why i'm here, where i should be going. My God!


Carola said...

Oh, honey. That really does suck. *Hug*

Kendra said...

I'm so sorry Becca. I know that it sucks really bad. I do stuff like that all the time. Take it easy on yourself though. You work full-time and are raising two kids and DH. There is a lot going on at all times!

But, step back and look at it differently. Why did that happen? There was a reason. A plan. It will all make sense one day.

Maybe it is the yoga you should be doing.....or coming back home..... ;)

Destiknit said...

Ew, Becca, I am so sorry this happened and I know just how you feel. I have these moments too often myself. But you know what, maybe this was meant to be. Maybe there is another path you are meant to take. It amazes me over and over how, in my own life, when these little nit-noid things happen, something better happens later as a result of my air-headedness.

Spread your arms as wide as you can... I am hugging you right now<3

Rebecca said...

thank you kendra carola and kerrie
you're words are like balm to my soul even though we're so far away from each other.

caracolina said...

Sending some more hugs your way from Arizona! I hope you're over the worst... Things happen for a reason... Don't be so hard on yourself. There will be other opportunities!

ChelleC said...

I totally agree with what the others have said. You just spaced off - we all do that at times. Maybe there was a reason? If it's meant to be, there will surely be another opportunity. It's not because of stupidity.

Fibers said...

Rebecca I adore you it hurts my heart to hear you call yourself stupid. You are far from it. You have your hands full with every day life, it is not uncommon to forget something or to make a mistake or ten! Please please cut yourself some slack.

Anonymous said...

It was NOT the RIGHT time. There was a reason you missed it. Give yourself a break. Would you call me stupid if I did the same?! I'm pretty sure you would not...don't talk to yourself like that. Di