Friday, April 11, 2008

THREE days in a row???????????

Not possible! But yep! Here I am! Guess what?
I was knitting in line at the post office and this guy in front of me asks me to knit him a hat. I thought he was joking but he waited for me outside the P.O. and told me he wanted a jamaican type hat. He gave me his number and told me to call him when I found a pattern and we'd firm up on it. He asked how much it would run him and I said yarn is fairly expensive plus it's labor intensive - that I would think about 20 bucks maybe? Does that sound right? I'll have to buy three skeins of cotton for it (red yellow and green, yuck).


Nicci said...

Hey, $20 bucks? If you can get it, go for it!

Are you sure he wasn't hitting on you?


Anonymous said...

becca, sounds like u were hit on today!!!! good for u (him for having excellent sense) $20 sounds a little cheap but what the heck, maybe they don't view knitting in france like they do here. u go girl love u mama

Kendra said...

Was he cute???? I think we are all in agreement about getting "hit" on. Guess what gives it away.....who in the world would want a Jamacian hat??? Why would they want a Jamacian hat??

How much will the yarn cost you? I'll be your business manager/pimp. Pimpette? Ms.Pimp? OH! I'm such dork! Madame! That's french too! Perfect!

Thanks for the multiple blogs! I think it's good for you and us!

Rebecca said...

lmao - a 6 foot tall 130 pound potsmoking jamaican named Jimmy would want a jamaican hat! I HOPE he wasn't hitting on me!!!

Nicci said...

I bet he was still hitting on you. Just don't give him YOUR number.