Saturday, November 10, 2007


Remember that ugly hat? (see nov 7 if not) Well, abra-cadabra, it's now a scarf. VOILA! Graciously modeled by Rémi (poor guy). Thanks Remi for taking time out of chicken little to model your mom's scarf:)! Isn't he handsome? Oh, and did I ever mention how soft this is?

PS sorry about the pics - I messed up. Now they're here I hope!


Kendra said...

I can't see the picture of Remi!!

Kendra said...

He is so cute. I am going to upload the pictures from when you were home. Check my pic later.

memeofnine said...

without a doubt i have the most handsome grandsons in the world. thank u remi for the wonderful modeling, i don't know who could have done it better!!!! just got off phone with heather, she's only dilated to a good 2 BUT doctor says she'll not make it to due date. he also says he's due for a thanksgiving baby. heather told him i was banking on the 20th, he thinks i may have hit it on the head. of course the 20th would be special for me, it's my birthday. anyway, heather is going shopping with me this afternoon, maybe we'll walk it out. remi, i hope you are feeling better - no more headaches. i'm so thankful your grandmemer could come and get you from school and take u to the doctor. u take care, rest and relax, make good grades, keep growing, all that stuff that grandmothers tell u. alex, my little doll, i heard u were wearing your glasses more frequently. that's great, u don't want to wind up with old eyes like your meme. we need a picture of u on your mommys blog - your'e too pretty to miss. stuff still same here, i miss you guys and really want to fly to france BUT you know im not a big fan of planes however emmie has said tht she would fly with me. we need to go and get our passport pictures made so we can get the papers filled out. then u will see your meme melt off the plane and emmie just skipping off cause it's a big adventure for her. u guys take care, know i love u and miss you and wish every day that you were here. by the way, i was trying to spell grandmother the french way( grandmemer) did i do it the correct way??? love u guys, give grandmemer a big kiss for me for taking remi to the doctor. catch u later. meme