Friday, November 9, 2007

C is for cookie

Today we had the first annual Caux cookie exchange. My honored guests were Alison (short blond hair), Linda (longer blond hair), and Michele (the red head). We had peanut butter chip chewies, cowboy cookies, chocolate snowballs, rose des dables, and fun! I enjoyed just sitting and chatting with the girls. My kids and husband will enjoy the cookies!!!


Kendra said...

Your blogs make me SO sad because I wish I could be a part of your life. But, I glad to see you have such good friends in France. And I'm glad to be involved in my own (sad) little way. Okay - I'm over it now! Just having a pity party! :)

dianne said...

YAY! Very cute. It is great you found some fellow ex-pats. I absolutely love to see you smiling and looking so happy!