Friday, November 16, 2007

OOPS I did it again...

WARNING - do not read this if you are already depressed or if you are my mom or dad (of course I don't ever use bad words or act like an immature spoiled uncontrollable hysterical little monster)
Ok why do I do this to myself? I feel terrible afterwards and I hate myself and I gripe and moan and get in a bad mood! What a terrible day I'm having! It started this morning. Alex would not get her peanut butt moving! Rémi had to be at school early for a field trip and she just wasn't cooperating. So mad mommy mode started - yelling, screaming, biting (just joking about the biting thing) more yelling, cursing (how can my children know english bad words? Well, I don't know! Maybe it's ME!) Anyhow, as if that weren't bad enough by the time she finally got in the car (shutting her hair in the car door while she's at it of course) and Christophe came out to try to calm the hysterical mommy I was so wound up that while finally backing out (like a bat out of hell obviously) ... scrrrrrch! I swiped the car along the garage door and facade. You can imagine how happy Christophe was about that!!!!
So I yelled at Alex all the way to school just in case she hadn't understood just how pissed I was and yelled at Rémi as well for preventive purposes. Then after I left them, I felt like a total clod. Is this what brought on my spending frenzy? Or was it the extremely cold weather with only a flimsy coat and stupidly skinny scarf (yes, that damn burnt orange thing that keeps mutating - did I mention how freaking soft it is!) and the ridiculously inadequate heels I had on? Or the frustration with searching for the perfect pair of boots for the past month with no luck? Or the fact that I can't get back on my diet though I try every day and ended up eating about 1 pound of Godiva chocolate yesterday? Or that I have no will power? Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever it is...I just spent a ton of money I don't have on a nice pair of leather boots (I did by the way finally find the perfect pair - not too high, not too low, not too dressy, not too chunky, heel not too high, not too low, and comfortable to walk in - would you have passed them up?) But did I stop there? Oh no! If you thinketh I can stop at just one, you knoweth me not. Oh, no! I got the matching lambskin gloves. And a new coat so I wouldn't freeze me arse off. Though that actually might be a good tactic come to think of it! And well, now can you tell how much I'm fuming? I'm so mad at myself! And so broke! I need help - anyone know how to get in touch with overspenders' anonymous and overeaters' anonymous in France? Boohoohoo... I will never eat again! I will never spend one more cent again! Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!


Kendra said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day. But I'm did find some comfort in knowing that it's not just me. As you saw by one fo my previous blogs. And you can't pass up good boots! And gloves! And coat! lol By the way my spending has been put on hold this week, so we can pay bills. Can you imagine the horror??? I threw such a little girl fit over that. It's not just you. It's normal! That's what I tell myself anyway.

Nicci said...

Oh, honey. You can't pass up perfect boots. I don't care how much you yell at your kids or how po' you is, perfect boots are a NECESSITY. They are elusive to the point of being mythical, and if you find them, then by all means SELL the kids.

A girl has got to have boots.

And the matching gloves.

P.S. Good mommies yell at their kids sometimes. It's okay.